The yarn has had a significant role growing up in the lives of most of the children. Be it the sweaters you wore in the childhood or the work mittens you loved to have when your grandmother knitted them up for you. As we grow, these sweaters and mittens somehow tend to disappear from our lives, partly because of the code to wear stylish clothes in the schools and colleges. You can’t wear that sweater and go hang out with your friends can you?

But if you think you can’t have anything made of yarn which is cool, you are in for a surprise. Yarn braids and dreads has always been loved by children and adults alike. Anyone who wants to revamp their look, or get their hairs go gorgeous way, yarn braids are the answer. The beautiful part about the yarn dreads is that you can make your hair look ravishing without doing any damage or using the harmful and expensive chemicals.  

A misconception among the people, about how to get these awesome dreads and braids made of yarn. Buying them from the store is not a cool option, partly because it’s expensive. And the main reason being you cannot change their design. The whole point of using these yarn braids is to look cooler, which will not be fulfilled unless you are constantly changing it to get the perfect match.

Now, let us have a look at some of the coolest designs one can have with these yarn raids and dreams.

  • Forehead braids with beads – If you can create braids for yourself, don’t forget to try this style. The forehead will definitely be framed by this style. You could also use a side tail to make it a more dashing look.
  • Blonde ponytail with Yarn – You can also create a blonde look for your hairstyle. No need to make your hair suffer to get that attractive blonde look. Just get the right shade of yarn and prepare yourself a blonde ponytail.
  • Jumbo twists – If one has to go for a thicker finish, no way better than the jumbo twists, because of the way it surrounds your hairs. This style looks cool especially with people having big eyes and full lips
  • Colorful twists – This is the most loved type people like to do. The colors create a contrast which is not only cool but sometimes very exquisite. Getting the yarn of right colors and tailoring to make them look cooler will certainly help you get that awesome look.