There is an anticipated high growth on the jobs relating to healthcare management and the medical field through to the year 2024. For you to take advantage of these opportunities, you will need a bachelor’s degree though having a master’s degree will be an added advantage. Moreover, having a graduate certificate in any of the medical fields is highly recommended. Candidates who seek a career in this area will also benefit from medical internships that offer administrative experience. In this article, we help you learn about all the necessary information required in preparing to become a hospital manager. We will give you a quick view of the requirements, job opportunities and undergraduate programs that will propel you to a career in hospital management. 

Fundamental information

Hospital management professionals also known as health service managers will often have the name of hospital administrator or hospital manager. These managers direct and coordinate healthcare services delivery in a medical or healthcare facility set up. They may head an entire hospital or in cease of big health facilities, head branch as a whole or department depending on their specialization. Starting a hospital management career requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. However, it is not uncommon to find managers who have advanced degrees and an additional experience in administration. There is a projected 17% growth in the healthcare management industry between now and 2024 according to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Healthcare managers often earn an average annual salary of $94,500 depending on the location of their practice. 

Career information

There are some career options that open up when you have got training as a hospital manager. In large healthcare facilities, the operation of the different departments is run by a team of managers under a general manager or a chief executive. These departments may include medical billing, healthcare information, and the human resource departments. In smaller hospitals, a smaller team of about two or three managers headed by a general manager is required to partake the administrative duties in the operations of the healthcare facility. You may also find that in some situations, a single manger overseas the running of an entire hospital alone. 

Educational requirements

Although it is not always a requirement to have a graduate degree to become a hospital manager, employers seek candidates with extensive training and knowledge in hospital or healthcare administration. Many professional certification associations and employers require candidates to have graduated from institutions whose degree programs are accredited such as James Lind Institute training. The Commission has recommended Four-degree options on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). They include Masters of Public Health (MPH), Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Masters of Public Administration (MPA) and Masters of Health Administration (MHA). Some subjects are covered in the coursework including topics related to public health, business administration and the healthcare industry in general.


With a bachelor’s degree and administrative experience, it is possible to begin a healthcare management services career. However, having a master’s degree will always be an added advantage in today’s competitive world.