Buying a good stethoscope may look simple from the outside but it’s definitely not. The confusion comes from availability of different types and models.  However, buyers can navigate the choppy waters by focusing more on the features and functions to get back a quality product. Above everything else, you need to check whether the stethoscope can deliver clarity of sounds and precision within any environment. You also need to check its acoustic features, ease with different frequency of sounds and so on. And yes, you need to know all those aspects that make littmann stethoscopes the brand it is.

Buyers generally need to focus on some of these features to get a quality stethoscope unit –

1#     Look for durability 

Good stethoscopes often come with a flexible and new-age tubing made out of stainless steel. Naturally, such a device would deliver durability and promise of non-breakability even with regular and extended use. You should avoid buying a device with aluminum tube as it might not be able to bear the sustained rigors of regular use. Unless you know how durability can elongate the life of a stethoscope, you will not be able to get a quality unit ever.

2#    Flexible diaphragm

The diaphragm is often likened to the nerve of the stethoscope. It not only does the main work of enabling different frequency of sounds but also sustains the most rigors during the auscultation process. It’s the diaphragm that is put on the body of the patient so that medical professionals could hear sounds with clarity. You thus have to choose a scope whose diaphragm has a flexible core, rather than made up of an inflexible material.

3#    A right fit with earpieces  

Medical professionals are often required to work long hours and do diagnosis with perfection. Obviously, they would need a good stethoscope having earpieces that are perfect fit for the individual. Not all models and unit would come with right fit of earpieces and they might push strain on the ears as well. The focus should be on getting a right stethoscope whose earpieces are a natural fit to ears of users.

4#    An instrument with tunable chest pieces 

These days most medical professionals prefer a stethoscope with tunable chest pieces. This way, one can just tune the chest piece and listen to different frequency of sounds in an easy manner. This is not possible when the device lacks the tenability feature and thus clinicians have to work a bit harder. Without tunable chestpieces, you would never be able to hear to right sounds within the body leading to imperfect auscultation.

5#    Arm-sized tube length

Healthcare professionals should consider tube length when they check littmann classic 3 stethoscope price. They have to look for a tube length for arm size to get comfort and convenience of use. There are various lengths available with stethoscope but you will need the one that is right fit for your arm size. Only then can you expect and get operational ease with the device.