Urine tests are the most frequent tool used by the authorities or an employer to check you for using drugs. Due to this, many people try and keep synthetic urine on them in order to prevent failing such an unwanted drug screening. Many of them are caught and the main reason is they failed to keep the sample at the appropriate temperature.

When urine leaves the body, it comes out in regular body temperature. Drug testers expect that and measure the sample’s temperature as soon as they receive it. It raises a red flag if the sample is too hot, or too cool. Therefore, if you intend to keep urine on you in the event you have to do a drug test, you have to keep it at body temperature to avoid being caught.

What is the normal temperature of urine? Generally, it should measure around 35°C (or 94-96 °F). The sample’s temperature will be measured no later than 4 minutes after it was taken. Taking into consideration that the sample changes due to ambient temperature, readings between 90 and 100 °F are still accepted. Any value outside of that range would be considered suspicious and “fake”.

Due to the above conditions, keeping synthetic urine warm proves to be way more difficult than buying it. Here are a few ways to circumvent this issue.


Synthetic urine can survive heating in a microwave. Therefore, this is the quickest and easiest way to get it up within the desired temperature range. Take the urine container and put it in the microwave, heating it up for about 10 seconds. Take out and use a temperature strip to see if the sample is adequately warmed up. Be careful not to heat it up too much, as synthetic urine can get damaged at high temperatures.

After you have your sample at the desired temperature, it is crucial to move quickly and strap close to your body in an unobtrusive way in order to maintain its temperature. You can try and insulate it by wrapping it in a piece of heat-retaining material.

The downside of using this method is that the temperature cannot be maintained for hours on end. Therefore, you should use it when you know the drug test will take place soon after you have warmed the liquid up.

Hand Warmers

Another solution to keep synthetic urine at the right temperature for drug screening tests is by using hand warmers. They can be found from almost all stores and used as a heating source to get your sample test-ready.

To use hand warmers, pour urine into a sealed bag or another small container. Next, proceed to wrap the warmer around it. Secure it with an elastic band or simple tape. Make sure to get a hand warmer that can maintain a temperature between 90 and 100°F. This way, you should be good for at least a few hours.

Body Heat

Man and women tend to use a variety of strategies for using their body heat to warm up a sample. For instance, some ladies achieve a good result by keeping the sealed bag next to their crotch area. Find a way that works for you and always carry temperature strips with you to be able to determine if your synthetic urine sample is within the safe range.