Would you like your medical practice to thrive? Then you need to have professional and caring staff set to d listen to your patients. Unfortunately, your patients might be in pain or an emergency in the middle of the night. They expect you to be just a call away to listen to their cries. 

However, if you have no staff to take the calls during the off-duty hours, your patients may express discontent with the customer support. That’s where doctors answering service comes in.

How Doctors Answering Service Works

If you hire basic medical answering service, then you expect that a remote receptionist will receive the calls on behalf of your medical facility. They’ll take a detailed message and relay it via the email or text message to the respective individuals.

Medical answering services also include the appointment scheduling. Answering services provider has access to the facility’s calendar from where they can schedule all the appointments. They’ll verify everything including the caller’s insurance, means of payment including credit & debit cards and then send the appointments to both the caller and the physician.

Benefits of Hiring Doctors Answering Service

Reliable Patient Support

Communication with your patients is the key to better service. And since doctors are usually busy or may not be available 24 hours to receive every call, hiring a call answering service remains the ideal option.

High Customer Retention

Customers or patients expect that their concerns are addressed instantly. If they cannot access the help they need, then they’ll express discontent. A satisfied customer will become loyal because he/she knows that you have measures to address their concerns.  

Stronger Relationship with the Patients

If you want to build a strong bond with your patients, the support has to be top-notch. Where you cannot find the time, a call service will represent you, so your patients are closer and develop trust in you.

Saves Money in New Clerical Hire

As a practitioner, hiring medical call services eliminates the need to maintain a permanent employee who has to be on the payroll every end month. Doctors answering service will cut the high cost of providing salaries and other benefits. Besides, you don’t need to designate an office, and you pay for the call time only.

Frees Up Medical Support Staff

It’s the responsibility of a doctor to diagnose, treat and from time to time, monitor the patients. As such, they might be held up most of the time meaning they’ll have to squeeze some time in their busy schedules to handle the calls.

However, with a medical answering service, doctors can spend less time on the administrative work that requires not much supervision. That way, they can focus on handling the most critical part of attending to the patients.

Medical Answering Service You Can Trust

AnswerMTI offers 24-hour telephone service for medical facilities and solo practitioners. We relieve you administrative tasks that don’t require much supervision so you can focus on the most critical tasks ahead of you. Our goal is to ensure round-the-clock communication with your patients for more trust and loyalty. Call us at 1-800-673-2000 about our 24 hours answering service.