Have you ever seen comparatively old people with extra smooth skin on their face, looking like 16 year old teenagers? These people have always known the secret of how to maintain their skin so that it may continue to shine and remain young day after day. Truthfully speaking, just as your skin was at our youthful age, it should continue to soften and become better as you grow older. No wrinkles or stretch marks should be seen.

Many of us do not yet know the secret on skin maintenance. One of the most useful skin softening treatment is microneedling.  In the ancient times, a micro needle used to be a device covered in very fine needles,  one could move it round the skin so that it can pierce through the skin. Once it pierces the skin , it stimulates the growth of new skin cells (collagen). This minimizes scars and reduces the pore size and stretch marks of the skin giving it a younger look.

Is it mandatory for skin to get inflammations as you grow old?

There are many old people, whose skin looks like that of a 16 year old. It all depends on how you take care and maintain your skin. As people age, it is normal for the stem cell to stop producing protein cytokine, which acts as a skin tenderizer. This does not mean that your skin will not be smooth. Skin maintenance is thus a continuous process. It is not only meant for old people, you can take precautions in your youth to ensure that your skin continues to look young even as you grow older. Microneedling takes care of that for you. Earlier this treatment could only be done in professional clinics, but Microneedling at home is an option now.

Working mechanism of this method

The method of microneedling sounds painful and may repulse you to begin with. I mean who would want to pierce their skin with needles, even micro ones, its sounds really painful doesn’t it. But don’t be disheartened, it’s not as painful as it sounds. The home microneedling kit comes in the form of a roller; the roller is covered with miniscule needles.

The process of home microneedling is quite simple as well, you need not worry about it at all. All you need to do is roll the roller on your skin; the area you want to treat. You can use a gel or oil to moisten your skin. The needles will make sure that the pores of your skin are opened up. The blood flow will increase and your skin will be rejuvenated.

The pain is minimal, and the results are astounding. You will be quite surprised by the positive results. The kit isn’t very expensive either. All you need is patience to complete the treatment as you would have to roll slowly. But you will be saving a lot of money compared to a microneedling clinic.