There has been a rapid increase in the number of patients who seek gastrointestinal procedures in various hospitals. The gastrointestinal procedure is a routine procedure that is performed on adults all over the world. All the patients who are visiting different facilities for gastrointestinal and endoscopy check out should be evaluated for various conditions such as chronic lung diseases, pulmonary hypertension, chronic pain, liver, renal diseases, and anxiety disorder. This gives the physicians a chance to prescribe the appropriate drug dosage. Anesthesia services are playing an important role in the continued success and safety of GI anesthesia procedures for they allow physicians and the surgeons to carefully and accurately carry out endoscopy without risk to the patient. Anesthesia services have covered you when it comes to anesthesia for gastrointestinal facilities.

Facilities have learned to operate at an efficient level in the office-based anesthesia for GI hospital facilities.  Anesthesia services minimize costs and maintaining functioning. They should be fully compliant with Monitored Anesthetic Care practice. Experience working with different payors and complying with state regulations to deliver top gastrointestinal procedures is essential.

An approach of trans-positioning the current practices using conscious sedation over the most preferred Propofol sedation for all the GI procedures have come up. The following are some of the advantages of MAC sedation to GI patients.
•    It offers improved efficiency in the endoscopy unit.
•    It enables patients to recover quickly thus being discharges faster.
•    It reduces recovery room cost.
•    It ensures that all patients are satisfied.
•    It increases the number of patients in a facility.

During the gastrointestinal procedure, the sedation used does not require the physician to keep checking if the patient is waking up. An assistant should be assigned to your facility to help you perform the GI anesthesia procedures easily while controlling the patient’s pain and anxiety. In most facilities, GI Procedure patients are given the priority. A great team and a network of an anesthesiologist registered nurses, and other workers should work together to ensuring GI centers have a program that is well managed. With these, specialists are given a chance to achieve their goals, increase revenue, as they become cost-effective.

When implementing anesthesia for GI facilities, use of anesthesia strategy enables us to help our patients recover faster from the procedures they have undergone. This increases customer and patient satisfaction as well as the rate of efficiency.  There is a growing commitment where physicians are providing services for GI endoscopic procedures. It is important for a physician to set guidelines and establish standards in this field which is rapidly growing.