Quinton Hypertonic from Forrest Health is a formula derived from seawater. This purified seawater has a higher mineral concentration than blood, which makes it an ideal source of nutrients without taking a processed supplement comprised of fillers and other harmful ingredients. As an all-natural solution for acquiring nutrients, Quinton Hypertonic acts as a holistic energy boost without the side effects of caffeine and other similar products. For some people, seawater is highly beneficial and may even replace your morning cup of coffee.

Benefits of Quinton Hypertonic

According to Stanford University, seawater–like that found in Quinton Hypertonic–consists of over 40 minerals including calcium and magnesium. The nutrients in this substance enhance your energy level and increase your endurance. Despite enhancing your energy, it also acts as a natural way to relax and improve your quality of sleep. Flexibility and your recovery time after physical exertion will increase. 

Mentally, you’ll notice a boost in your focus. The harmful chemicals introduced to your body, especially those which cause free-radicals, accumulate in and make you feel sluggish, among other problems. Quinton Hypertonic helps eliminate these substances in your body because it has detoxification properties. Additionally, it supports your digestive, adrenal and immune systems. 

Who Quinton Hypertonic Benefits 

Quinton Hypertonic has the potential to benefit anyone who doesn’t have kidney or heart problems, although you should always consult with your primary care physician prior to taking this product, especially if you have any health issues or take any medications, to avoid any serious complications. Since it increases energy and focus naturally while helping people meet their daily recommended value of nutrients, it’s extremely beneficial to those over 50. It supports a healthy immune system, which can prevent against many ailments and conditions that are worse as you age. By enhancing endurance and flexibility, seawater has the potential to help people live fuller, more active lives. 

Athletes may benefit greatly from taking this Quinton Hypertonic. Through its ability to increase energy, flexibility and endurance naturally, it’ll boost a person’s physical performance. It comes from nature, so it works with the body. Therefore, it’s technically not considered a performance-enhancing drug that could interfere with your eligibility to complete. It’s also beneficial to take during training, so you have the ability to continue practicing and living your daily life. Those who just want to be physically active may find this to be the extra boost they need to execute their activities. 

Anybody who’s looking for a boost in energy and general health may want to consider adding Quinton Hypertonic to their daily routine. Few supplements on the market today consist of as many minerals as one dose of seawater provides.