Several women consider breast surgery for different reasons. In the past, women were leaning towards breast augmentation. Nowadays more and more women are getting breast lifts and reductions. With so many social media trends showcasing slim and fit physiques, many want to match their breast size with their new body shape. Whereas, others find themselves looking for surgery to restore the appearance of their breasts following massive weight loss. The thing is, most often women are completely unaware that their nipples also need surgery to gain that natural breast look.

The Difference Between Breast Reduction and Breast Lift?

As we age, our bodies change due to weight loss/gain or pregnancy and our skin must change to accommodate. Often women who are satisfied with their breast density, but are not satisfied with where their breasts sit, but thankfully, a Breast Lift can help restore the breasts to their natural position.

Women who have sagging and empty-looking breasts will need a skilled plastic surgeon who can combine breast augmentation with a breast lift to provide better positioning and breast size. Women who experience discomfort and pain caused by excessively large breasts can often benefit from a Breast Reduction – often combined with a Breast Lift – by an experienced and skilled surgeon like Dr Safvat who is one of top breast reduction surgeons in Sydney. Combining both procedures can significantly help to decrease the weight and size of the breasts to a more manageable and natural appearance.

Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, and Nipple Surgery

Breastfeeding, weight change and pregnancy can all affect the location of your nipples. While the procedures work to achieve different results, they involve changing the position of the nipples. Other operations can also be conducted to improve the look of your nipples, including resizing, enhancing symmetry and reshaping. The primary goal of nipple surgery is to correct the appearance of the nipple and make sure that they are centrally located on the breast mound.

Breast Reduction and Nipples

As breasts droop and skin laxity increases a lot of women notice their nipples start to point downward or to the sides. Nipples also stretch as we age, which can lead to an ugly oversized areolar diameter. Often nipple reshaping and relocation are included in Breast Reduction surgery to improve the natural look of the breasts.

Breast Feeding, Nipples and Breast Reduction

Every kind of breast surgery will affect the nipples and the inner structure of the breasts. Most women have several operations and can breastfeed without experiencing any issues; however, it is never guaranteed. During a breast reduction, the nipple area is relocated to a more central position to keep the function of the skin and nipple in place. Therefore, talking to your surgeon about how you would like your nipples to look and what range you would be comfortable with is essential prior to surgery.

What You Need to Know

Breast Reduction surgery is an excellent solution for dense breast tissues. But it’s important to remember that ALL breast surgery procedures come with some risks. Although, ensuring that an experienced plastic surgeon conducts your surgery will help you avoid the dangerous side effects seen from surgical procedures from cheap and inexperienced plastic surgeons. You should always feel comfortable talking with your surgeon and have realistic expectations. Having an open and honest relationship with your surgeon will be beneficial to both you and your surgeon.